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The Sandy Schreier Collection at the Met Museum

The Sandy Schreier Collection at the Met Museum

The Sandy Schreier Collection 

We had the pleasure of feasting our eyes on the Sandy Schreier Collection at The Met. Our experience was MAJOR. Sandy Schreier is a fashion collector, historian, and extraordinaire. Did you know that she is one of the largest collectors of historical fashion in the world? Sandy has pieces owned and worn by Jackie Kennedy, pieces from famous movies, and other historical events. Sandy isn’t a celebrity; she gets her hands on these dresses and holds onto them. When Sandy first started as a collector, she didn’t know a lot about fashion history. In fact, Sandy found what she thought was beautiful and knew she needed to have it.   

Get Your Tickets In Advance 

The collection featured approximately 80 of the 165 promised gifts, including womenswear, accessories, and fashion illustrations dating from a 1908 pochoir album.  Although Sandy Schreier’s exhibition at the Met on 5th Avenue recently ended on September 27th, we encourage you to reserve a time to visit to make future trips more accessible. You can easily make your reservations online – don’t get stuck waiting in line! Also, if you don’t have a membership, what are you waiting for? It’s worth it to see the ever-changing exhibits. 

When You First Walk-In 

We saw a platinum sky blue Dior new-look style cocktail dress with bows. It is just phenomenal. Also, there’s a yellow dress from Jean Dessès. In fact, it was the dress that inspired Belle’s gown from Beauty And The Beast. It was the most exquisitely draped yellow ballgown. It looks like Belle’s dress, and it is BREATHTAKING. We stood there for twenty minutes with our mouths wide open. This dress is well known around the world – to see it up close and personal was outstanding. 

Philip Tracey Butterfly Headpiece 

There was also a fantastic Philip Treacy butterfly headpiece. It includes a swam of butterflies assembled from turkey feathers that were painted and hand-fashioned into delicate forms. Butterflies are an in-depth representation of our souls, and this piece spoke to our souls. They explained how the headpiece was made and how it came into the Sandy Schreier Collection. If you’re not familiar with Philip’s work, he is an award-winning hat designer based in London. We highly suggest that you check out his other hat designs. You can view Philip’s pieces on his website

Flapper Dresses 

In the Sandy Schreier Collection, there are also beaded original flapper dresses. You can really see where the flapper style came from. It’s incredible to view it on the mannequin; you can grasp how the dress moves. Schreier doesn’t have an all-time favorite piece; she says it will depend on the day of the week. However, high on her list of favorites is a black silk chiffon embroidered flapper dress with clear crystal and bugle beads. This style was revived in the 1980s and then returned thanks to The Great Gatsby movie. It’s not unusual to see women dresses in sequin-covered gowns during a significant event. 

Art Is Love 

In the back, there’ was a Franco Moschino “Art Is Love” dress. It was so incredible to see this piece up close and in person. Moschino is a designer that is quirky and weird. He is a self-described “fashion philosopher” who is known for regularly parodying the fashion industry. There is also a dress there that looks like he cracked an egg on the front. Plus, you’ll see his famous Campbell’s Soup dress. He’s a surrealist. Who doesn’t love a bit of Moschino? 

Thank God For Sandy Schreier  

We need to send a personalized email to Sandy Schreier and say thank you. Seeing these pieces is life-changing and inspiring for anyone in the fashion world or, frankly, anyone in the world. We appreciate people like Sandy Schreier, who care about fashion and want to share it with the world. Sandy wants people to see the incredible pieces. It’s her lifetime of work! We acknowledge that Fashion collecting is incredibly expensive; since they need to be purchased and well preserved. We would die to meet her; she is SO fabulous! Fingers crossed we get the opportunity. Let us know your thoughts on the Sandy Schreier Collection!