Top 10 Worst Fashion Mistakes People Make...
and how to avoid them.

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Holly Katz Styling

If no one has told you that your outfit looks "bad" then you must be ok, right?
Ummm no.

Dressing for your age, life phase, career and lifestyle will make a huge difference in how you feel when you go out into the world. This is just a small step in completing a “whole” picture of who you are in both your work and professional lives.

If you have gotten complacent with your wardrobe and hate shopping, you’ve come to the right place. You may not even know you are making these BIG fashion mistakes so let’s put your best fashion foot forward with this video. The good news is that these mistakes are super easy to avoid!

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Holly Katz Styling

About Holly

Holly is the third generation in a garment and retail family. It was easy to realize her calling early when her father owned a women’s retail shop.

Holly cut her teeth in New York’s fashion and merchandising industry working in costing, production, design and styling for every category from Juniors to Plus Sizes. She understands (and loves) clothes – from how they’re made to how they should fit.

Certified in women’s and men’s styling, she has worked with individuals from suburban moms and young professionals to C-level executives and celebrities, all with the same goal—to realize their personal style.

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Holly Katz Styling